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Our Goal?

Helping people listen.

We facilitate experiences, activities, and exchanges that invite people to learn to listen more deeply: to themselves, to others.

Therapy Session
Red Poppy

About Us

Who: Whether in corporate, therapeutic, retreat, religious, or educational settings, we design programming tailored to the needs of those involved.     Our facilitators work with individuals, couples, business teams, athletes, social workers, and more  - all have a common goal of becoming more present, effective communicators through deeper listening.


Why: By learning to listen we create a positive culture within ourselves, our relationships, and our work spaces: Trust flourishes. Community grows. Leadership becomes more effective and transparent. Creativity thrives. Collaboration becomes more generative.  Differences are embraced. Inclusivity becomes contagious.  Transparency and accountability are woven into the fabric of our ways of being in the world.

How: Our facilitators come from diverse walks of life and disciplines.  The work we do is based in Applied Theatre techniques.  It is intentionally interdisciplinary and experiential. We believe that when we learn and experience holistically with our emotional, spiritual, and intellectual selves, the work goes deeper and becomes more sustainable in our day to day lives.

About Us

"After these sessions I feel connected and reflective. I’m thinking about how this can apply to different aspects of my life. I’m thinking about attunement and presence with clients."

Mary B. MSW, MS.Ed

"Noticing the First Thing" is a great way to release the tension of searching and solving."
Christina L., Teacher


"First, I want to say thank you. It was so helpful to have experiential practice. We were essentially holding our awareness of the other person and our own internal experience at the same time. It's so grounding and useful in staying attuned and present with another person without feeling like we must bring more than what is in the moment."

Rachel B. MSW, MS.Ed

"After this session….

I feel enlivened, engaged, emotionally alive. Thank you!"


"The exercises invited me to be totally present in a way that I haven’t been in awhile." 
Maureen M, Educator

What Our Clients Are Saying
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